Breakfast 27 September: Smoothie and vanillia graham pancakes

Good morning! 
Good morning! 
Today I made my vanillia graham pancakes (the same recipe as the ordinary vanillia pancake but I used grahamflour instead of wheat flour) and a delicious smoothie I would like to share the recipe of. 
(Preperation for my breakfast)
1 smoothie.
50 g frozen rasberries
1 frozen nectarine
1/2 frozen banana
1 dl (100 g) low fat yoghurt
Mix everything together, Taaada! 
Smoothie nutrion:
Calories: 143
Total fat: 0,4 g
Total carbs: 37 g
Protein: 6,5 g
1 smoothie.
50 g frusna hallon
1 frusen nektarin
1/2 frusen banan
1 dl lätt naturell yoghurt
Mixa alla ingredienser med en mixer. Taada!