Food diary: 2012-10-29

I got some requests about how I eat a normal day so here is today!
I got some requests about how I eat a normal day so here is today!
09:00 Breakfast: Chocolate graham pancakes with raspberry froyo.
10:30 Snack 1: Some frozen raspberries
12:00 Lunch: Overnight oatmeal topped with low fat yoghurt mixed with fun light juice
14:00 Out for coffe with my mom: Frozen yoghurt
17:00 Pre workout: Oatmeal topped with low fat yoghurt 
19:05 Post- Workout: 1 proteinbar
20:00 Dinner: Chicken and zucchini pasta
21:30 Night snack: Healthy chocolate cake (Recipe is on my blog)
This day wasnt so good, my goal is 1990 calories but I wasnt home today so I didnt had time to eat. Im going to post a new one at wednesday and i hope that it will be better!
  1. What is net calories and how do you count them?

    It the calories your body consumed under the day. Its The total calories you consume in a day minus the numbers of calories you burn from exercise = net calories (the number of calories you actually have available for necessary body functions like digestion, circulation, etc.)

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