Intervju: Westworld Makeup Artist

Aldrig har har trots på kärlek vid första ögonkastet förs en sed oktoberkväll när jag av en slump satte på första avsnittet av Westworld. Jag är fortfarande kvar i nyförälskelsefasen. Ser inga brister. Hör inte om någon skulle säga något negativt om för komplicerade tidsteorier.

Denna kärlek har gjort att jag nu tagit reda på hur du och jag kan se ut som westworld karaktärer hemma. Q&A time *jingle*


What does a day look like on the set of westworld as a makeup artist?

A day on the set of WESTWORLD was truly unpredictable.

We (the makeup department) always had a general idea of what scenes we were shooting for the day, however, changes throughout the day were a common experience.
The hours were really early and often ran really late (which means an 18 hour shoot day wasn’t uncommon) there were elements of dirt, wind and heat (sometimes very cold temperatures along with temperatures ranging into triple digit heat.)
Dirt was a major element.   A lot of our work took place outside at a ranch.   So keeping the actors consistent and clean was sometimes very challenging.
There was never a dull moment of shooting.    WESTWORLD was one of the hardest jobs I’ve had as a makeup artist, yet the most rewarding.
Whats you favorite look you have created on the show so far?
The makeup department head, Christien Tinsley, was the creator behind the makeup looks for the show.   It was an honor to work along side him for many months and hours.  His vision established the shows aesthetic.  He built a exquisite makeup team he trusted to execute his vision.   There were many looks on the show that were inspiring and fun to execute.
The first look that comes to mind is from episode 5, when we arrive at the entrance to Pariah.   Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) walks down a street through a parade of characters painted as ”Dia de Los Meuertos.”  (I’m actually hesitant to use  Dia de Los Meuertos because it was more of an inspiration rather than a replica.)
We used Endura black alcohol based makeup to paint a full nude body.    Christien created a white clay mixture that looked almost like wet plaster.   After the body was painted black (head to toe) we would go in with our hands and hand paint a skeleton structure.   Once the white mixture was dry, it would leave a matte and crackle finish.  Some of the faces were hand painted with more of a beauty application.   We shot this scene way into the early morning hours.   The photography in this scene truly turned out amazing.  I am so happy I was a part of it.
You have done Evan Rachel Wood makeup, whats the secret to creating her look?
I had the blessing to take over Evans makeup application after Season 1 began shooting.
Christien established her look as Delores in the pilot.   Half way through shooting Season 1,  I was invited to take over Evan Rachel Wood.   The secret to creating her look was keeping her look simple and clean.  Christien chose Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body with SPF 15.    This foundation combined with Evans skin care routine, always created a flawless finish.
I enjoyed working with Evan so much.   We truly carried each other through the end of Season 1.   We were so exhausted by the end, that it was almost as if we created our own language to keep us laughing and having a good time.
Evan is an easy canvas.  Her natural physical beauty coupled with her inside beauty, really made the experience enjoyable as a makeup artist.



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