Frankonline pratar skönhet med pretty little liars makeup artist!

Efter sju säsonger av teorier om vem A och sedan AD är, efter hundratals galna Aria outfits och anonyma meddelanden har nu pretty little liars kommit till ända. Vi kommer sakna våra favorit karaktärer och deras snygga beauty looks. Men som plåster på såren har jag pratat PLL skönhet med Cindy Miguens som är ansvarig makeup artist för serien. Så nu kan alla sminkhemligheter från serien leva kvar!

Let’s practice on out english skills för här är intervjun med underbara Cindy!

What made you realise that you wanted to become a makeup artist?
I loved doing makeup and hair on my girlfriends growing up, and when I finished Cosmetology School I knew I was interested in makeup! I had no idea how I would get into the business, but I knew I wanted to do makeup for TV and Film.

Today you work on hit Tv-shows such as Pretty Little Liars, why do you think you have been able to reach such success?
I believe because I had the motivation to do what it takes to make my dreams come true. It is true, if you believe you can, you will achieve success.

Do you have any tips for young aspiring makeup artists?
It is a hard business to break into too, but with patience and drive you will achieve your goals. Have patience. Never stop learning. Don’t be the drama. Do your best, always!

What inspires you to come up with new makeup looks?
I get inspired by fashion, photography, people watching, pinterest, makeup artists, and actors.

When it comes to everyday makeup what is your secret to a successful look?
Touch ups! Just like we do on set to the stars, always touch up your makeup throughout your day!

Finally, if all the liars(Hannah, Aria, Spencer and Emilie) where a lipstick colour which one would each of them be?
Hannah——-Hot Pink
Aria ———– Goth Grape
Spencer——Rasp Berry
Emily———-Coral Goddess

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