Hey everybody its Emma, finally guest blogging for Hanna!

april 2, 2012 5 kommentarer

I am so sorry I forgot to blog this weekend, I was with my friends and I just was not paying attention to it. But anyways, today the family went to the park to celebrate the thirteenth day after Persian New Years! The park was gorgeous with the lake filled with different animals. My favorite part of the entire park was just to watch the families be together playing their games and having a great time together. 

This was one of the ducks we saw in the lake! I loved the pattern of the feathers on its back, and the white patch on his head.

These two ducks were just laying down trying to relax, when suddenly nicho comes along and chases them away. Obviously he thought he was so cool after that! 

This is me at the lake! It was freezing cold where I was standing so maybe not the best idea to wear shorts!;)

Aww! Here is my little puppy! Here is Bella standing in the grass just enjoying herself in the wind and having a great time! Even though she is not as tiny as Molly, or maybe as energetic, she is still very precious and I love her very much!!!

Here is Molly again standing on the counter! She would not turn her head towards the camera when we were taking the picture, so my mom had to hold a treat up to get her attention! She is a stubborn one :)

Hanna is coming home later today and then its back to normal. Thanks for looking at my pictures. Love Emma

  • Emma Stenström

    Hey Emma!
    You should start your own blog, you are an amazing ”writer” and you take good photos:) If you start a blog, I’ll ofc check It out everyday;) Your mum and sisters are amazing at ”blogging;) so you have It in you to,ofc;)

    God Bless you!

  • Cristine

    Oooh! just a post from you!
    lovely dogs:)

  • Louise

    I love your hair! Gorgeous color!

  • Bea

    I wish you would start a blogg! I love the pictures you put up! You should blogg here again!

  • http://minagilbertssons.blogg.se Mina

    Great that you are finally guest blogging Emma! Exited to know more about you! Hugs! :)