Haircut in the AM

april 6, 2012 3 kommentarer

Hey honeys!

I’m freaking out about my haircut that I’m getting tomorrow morning!! My mom recommended a new salon for me that I’m going to try out… I don’t feel safe! I’m not sure if anyone has had as much bad luck with hair salons in the past as I’ve had, so it’s always scary straying away from my comfort zone. Oh well, time for a change :) Its not going to be anything drastic…. I hope.

PS this is my first iPhone post hehe

Hanna Montazami

  • Johanna

    I think its going to look great!;) you have to show us the haircut soon!

  • maria

    Glad Påsk till dig Hanna <3

    Kolla gärna in på min blogg och mina bloggtips.
    Har lagt inlägg om påsken där.

    Massa Kramar

  • Lebanezza

    Ha en fortsatt trevlig fredag :)