Hope Everybunny Had a Hoppy Easter!

april 10, 2012 10 kommentarer

Hey lovelies!

I definitely uploaded a video from Easter yesterday… but I wake up this morning only to find out that it never uploaded… I’m so mad it didn’t work.  I need to figure out the whole video blog situation out because I found so many funny videos on my phone haha.  Yesterday with the family and relatives was so much fun<3  We had a yummy barbeque, easter egg hunt, and pool party.

I promise I’ll have an outfit picture for tomorrow’s post.  It’s been far too long!


Hanna Montazami

  • Nikki

    I wonder if you send any idolcards from you to your ”fans”?
    Have a great day/evening


  • Karolina

    Check out http://videofy.me for video blogging! They’re great!

  • Nikki

    Haha, In the last picture I was like – there’s two hannahs ? :)

  • Taru

    So delicious-looking food! Yummy~~

  • http://hyvarinenn.blogspot.com Josefina

    Do you have instagram? :)

  • http://patricciaa.blogg.se patricia

    Your new hair coulor looks really nice!! Can you show us your favorite shoes? :)

  • http://emcas.spotlife.se/ emca

    Hanna, you are sooo cute! I just love your blog and your style. It’s really bohemian but at the same time so chic. It seems like you had a really great easter. Puss och kram till dig Hanna!

  • http://vixs.blogg.se Vixs

    Pretty! Really love your hair! /V Checka min blogg vixs.blogg.se

  • Tina

    Your hair looks awesome! So much more adult now in a way, as oppossed to the highlights, love it! XO from Gothenburg

  • http://nina nina

    I totally love your new hair!!