Everything Good in LA

april 28, 2012 5 kommentarer

Hey babes!

A bunch of you guys always ask me a bunch of questions about what to do and where to go in LA.  Well, after living here for about a year I’ve found some of the cool spots for food, fun, and shopping!  Today I’m going to be focusing on food!  Tomorrow will be one of the other two :)

Urth Caffe is a MUST.  You will love everything you try guarenteed.

Mendocino Farms is the sandwich place that literally everyone from LMU goes to.  The Sandwich Study of Heat is my personal fave :)

If you guys go to LA, you HAVE to go to The Ivy.  It is a little pricey, but the food is mouthwatering and you will never forget that meal.  I always get the chopped salad with grilled shrimp on top and then an apple blackberry crumble for dessert :)


Hanna Montazami

  • alice

    where did madison go? wanna see more of her. you two were so adorable together. tell her to get her own blog so we have more wonderful sunny blogs to follow <3

  • tastyboyyy

    mmmm, delicious. But where´s the meat? :-P

  • franssonemma

    hej Hanna. jag följer dig och Madison på instagram. och jag vill att ni följer mig också :) fråga gärna henne nästa gång du träffar henne. jag heter franssonemma

  • http://hesses.blogg.se elsa

    Heej här kommer en hälsning från Barcelona :D Vill bara säga att jag gillar din blogg super mkt! Saknar LA och californien men med din blogg går det lättare :D take care

  • Lina

    hi, me and my family going to LA / San Francisco this fall, do you have any tips on what we can do there? :)