LA Hot Spots

maj 2, 2012 7 kommentarer

Hey lovelies :)

I’ve been studying soo hard this past week and I’ve been so stressed for finals!  It makes it harder to write about all the fun places to eat and go out to in LA.  From my experience and recommendations from my older friends, I know some of the main hot spots in LA that most visitors probably don’t know about!

The first one, called Father’s Office, is a fun place in Santa Monica to go for great burgers and beer (my older friends told me haha).  Supposedly they have every kind of beer you could ever want.  The burger looks too good… 1st stop when I’m 21!


Another fun bar to go to is called American Junkie in Hermosa Beach!  I’ve actually been there because we had buses from LMU take us there for the opening night, and it was so much fun!  The DJ was great I was dancing the whole time :) These pictures are from the night that we went!

Another fun club, called Beachers Madhouse, (in the Roosevelt Hotel) is where you will most likely see some celebs!  Last time my friends went there, they saw Miley Cyrus, Leonardo DiCaprio, and they met and exchanged numbers with Joe Jonas haha.  At the club they have entertaining shows on stage and all my friends say it’s super funny!

Today is my LAST day of finals!  I start summer in approximately an hour and a half (my final is in 30 minutes)!  My summer is four long months… should be relaxing!  I’m kicking off summer with a trip to Palm Springs with a bunch of my friends from LMU :)


Hanna Montazami