Today i turn 22 and this is who i am

I drink whiskey out of water glasses. I don’t know the difference between whiskey and bourbon but I say I like whiskey more. I don’t even know if it is spelled ”whiskey”. I haven’t even had whiskey in at least half a year anyway. I eat red meat, swear too much and watch Top Gear but not because of the cars. I watch weird movies and memorize all the lines without even trying.

Sometimes when I’m angry I yell, and sometimes I keep completely quiet. When something is funny I laugh and when something’s hysterical I almost always cry. I like princesses and ballerinas. Fast cars and very dark nights. I still wish I could be a dolphin keeper and have a pet lion cub. I rarely ever act so irresponsibly that I really let a man in, but when it has happened it has been a complete disaster. If I like you I tend to look at you a bit too long whilst smiling a very real smile that I have tried and failed to fake.

I used to have a problem with myself and my surroundings, but then I figured it out so now I really like myself and I am completely in love with my surroundings. I like pretty things, I love snowflakes that stick to my skin and look like they are fading into me as they melt. I like to sit in weird positions and lie on the floor because sitting in itself gets too boring if you sit like you did in the horrible school photos. I like my bed because it doesn’t break if you jump in it and it doesn’t blame you if you have a hard time sleeping. When I was younger my teachers always told me I was too noisy but they never knew that my noise never compared to the noise inside my head. Today I turn 22. This is who I am and what I have been.

I’ve been hurt, I have hurt, I’ve been loved, I have loved. I love.


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