Sara Montazami

Smoothie Date with my Love:)

Sara Montazami

Hej hej! Igår jag hade en fantastiskt dag och hungout med Ashley.  Sen jag hade en mumsig middag med min kompis Alyson och met up with our boys at the bars afterwards :)

This morning jag och NIles åkt till Swamis Cafe i Encinitas och hade a huge breakfast and some yummy smoothies.



We were really slurping them down hehe. Jag vet inte om jag har sagt er detta, men jag ha jobbat på en smoothie plats när jag var yngre och jag har alltid varit en smoothie tjej. Jag gör dem hela tiden, men denna plats verkligen har de bästa smoothies någonsin



Jag älskade att hanga med Niles. Vi har altid kul tillsammans and there is literally never a dull moment with this guy.  I could not be happier :)  I need to do a video blog so you guys can see what he is like! haha

Ikväll ska vi gå ut till Downtown San Diego i en party bus! Yeeee;)



  • ronja

    Hej Sara!
    I wonder what you do to your hair to get it so fluffy and nice, or is it natural?:) har du några tips?

  • Emma

    Sara, you´re so beautiful and good looking! :)
    A video blog would be awesome and fun, do it!

  • Michelle

    En videoblogg skulle vara jättekul! :)

  • Tova

    JAAA!!! en video blogg!!

  • lina

    Hi Sara! If i remember it correctly your major is communication. I wonder if you can explain what it is more exactly and what you can become from it. I am starting college in a year and a half and i am not sure what to choose. But what you do seems very fun so i hope you can explain a little bit! Thanks, love your blog!

  • anna

    Ja det skulle vara roligt att se :)

  • louise

    Aww soo cute u guys!
    My guestion::what model is your car?
    loveee the montazamis:D

  • thisisolessia

    u are so beautiful!!!!!!!

  • Mari

    Åh. En videoinlägg måste du fixa =) Det ser jag fram emot.

  • Tilda

    Ja en videoblogg måste du definitivt göra! Kan du inte göra Sara svarar också? Sen kan du väl skriva ditt bästa smoothie recept? Vore väldigt kul :D puss!

  • Anna

    En videoblogg vore so much fun!

  • karolina

    what size and colour are your ray ban aviator glasses? theyre perfect.. mine are too small I think..

  • Desirée

    I love your blog and could you do a video blog where you show your apartment? :) xx


    LOOOVE the pictures, and you are stunning as always! :)

  • pilla

    Smoothies are lovely! I am also in a supersmoothie period. Cannot get enough!

  • Ellen

    I love reading your blog!!!! And i was wondering What model you have on your aviators (ray ban’s?)

  • emma

    Yeaah a videoblog :D

  • sara

    it would be so cool if you’d do the boyfriend tag video!! search it on youtube :)