Packing for Las Vegas!

mars 16, 2012 12 kommentarer

Hej hej!!

So for those of you who were asking where all those clothes came from on the last post I did, but I really am not sure! I found them all on a website called Pinterest.  It is so much fun to look at all the clool clothes and yummy foods on this site.  Make sure to check it out when you get a chance!

Oh and if you read the title…Yes I am going to Vegas! This is going to be my third time whoa.  It is just so much fun and my friends and I always have the best of times when we go on these trips.  After Vegas, we will be going to Havasu which is where Niles and his friends will meet up.  It is my last spring break ever so I have to do it big right?!

Pictures are coming tomorrow. Have an amazing Friday :)



  • Hogla

    Vegas huh! Det är bara att gå in till ett PAF Casino så är man nästan på vegas :)

  • Linda

    Hey Sarah! I don’t think you’ve ever answered this questions so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer it for me! Okay, so I’m planning on going to Las Vegas this summer, and I wanna party! I heard though that all the bars and clubs in Las Vegas are 21 and over, is this true? Is it possible to have a good time in Las Vegas if you’re 20?
    I would really appreciate an answer!
    Love your blog by the way!! Puss och kram!=)

  • rebaecca

    hi sara! Im 15 f, from sweden and soon i have my prom, and im wondering if you could wright or send me a sigt with promdresses, and that the store can ship it to sweden. It would be so great, and you would be a lifesavier. i love your style so thats way im asking you! xo rebaecca

  • Angelika

    Hej hej!!
    Hur lång är du och hur mycket väger du?
    grym blogg!

  • Madeleine

    Have fun and enjoy! :)

  • Isabella

    Hey sara! I love your blog! I’m thinking of going to Hollywood this summer, you have some good shopping tips? Any good shoppingmalls? Or streets with good shops? Have a wonderful day Sara. /Isabella Sweden.

  • Louise

    Hi Sara!
    Hope you have fun in Vegas;D….I wonder if you can tell the name of the other song, that you and Niles listened to when you sang in the car together? :-)

  • Stefan

    Have fun! Check out my friends blog, pretty cool and good recipies and some Swedish stuff as well.

  • Hannah Maria

    you are so lucky! jag hoppas att du får det kul i vegas, snygga sara:)

  • jen

    hi sara! I wonder if you have any tips for a cute dress at a swedish graduation? White is classic but i reallly want something in a bright colour that stands out. Do you know any american websites that are prettty cheap and can send stuff to sweden?

  • sonja

    i tought you would like this: ;) you are adorable!:) hälsningar från finland<3

  • elina

    the green dress is from :)