Pacific Beach with Friends

maj 5, 2012 9 kommentarer
Min dag

Hej hej! Igår jag åkte till Pacific Beach med mina kompisar och träffade Michael och Chris. Vi gick till en club som heter Bar West och sen en andra bar.  It was a Thursday night so not that many people were out, but it was so much fun hanging out with my friends and dancing around!

Here is a picture that I just instagrammed! Ashley and I working on our dance moves before going out haha.


Ashley M. and Melissa posing for pics! 

Now I am at home in Laguna doing my laundry and then I am heading back to San Diego to hangout with Niles! Should be a great night :)



  • L.S

    SARA! You mentioned in an interview with VeckoRevyn that you got a text from an australian professional surfer. Who was he? So curious! :)

    • Sara Montazami

      Julian Wilson haha

  • belladavis

    jätte fina bilder! allt bra med dig :)? kramis

  • – Sveriges nya modeblogg

    Vilka härliga bilder!

  • Alicia

    Can you do more make up tutorials and show us how youre school is like and just more pics from a normal day there? :)

  • Jakob Andersson

    Oh! :) Thank you so much beautiful you! :) Love that first picture of you & Ashley, I liked it at your Instagram earlier today! :D It just says how happy you guys are. I really hope to see you again soon my friend! :) Hugs.

  • alice

    Do you live in Laguna Beach?

  • Sonja

    hey ! I really enjoy reading your blog, but i don’t understand why you’re changing language in the middle of the post ! :D I understand both languages, but it’s still annoying! Just asking! Have a nice sping!

  • Tilda Larsson

    ÄLSKAR Ashleys linne! Och ni alla är väldigt söta! Kram