The Day Has Come….GRADUATION!

maj 20, 2012 35 kommentarer
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Hey everyone!! I have spent the last four years of my life at California State University of San Marcos and yesterday was my graduation! It is such an amazing feeling to know that I have accomplished so much and will now move on to finding a successful career for myself.  I have made the most amazing friends, the best boyfriend in the world and am so lucky to have had my family behind me every step of the way supporting me.

Not all my friends got to graduate yesterday because they still have some more classes to take next year, but I got to graduate with my other friends Sarah, Lindsey, Garrett, Jack and Krista.  The minute I walked up on stage with them I was in shock.  We were all so excited and could not believe that that moment was real.  Such a wonderful feeling and it made me so happy that all my family and friends were there to watch it all happen.

I am definitely going to miss being in all the same classes as Niles! I could not be happier having him as a boyfriend.  I cannot wait to go to Bali with him, my sister and friends this summer.  It is going to be our first time over there.  

I am so lucky to have such lovely parents :) Oh and I got the prettiest flowers from them, my siblings,Niles and my friends!!

This picture makes me want to cry haha. Love my dad :)

Hanna. All the boys were drooling over her at graduation haha.  She is gorgeous and one of the funniest people I know.  She was taking a bunch of pictures too. Make sure to look at them on her blog

Ashley.  My best friend from day one in college.  We have lived together for as long as we have known each other when we met in the dorm rooms.  She is such a great friend to me. Best friends for life!

Nicho.  Everytime I look at him, I just stare and ask him why he is sooooooo adorable. He is the sweetest little kid in the world and he is the best brother an older sister could ask for.

Emma.  I call her tootsie. She is such a truly genuine sweet person.  She has a heart of gold and I was so happy when she came up running to me yesterday with flowers.  

We had such a great day and my family, Niles and I went to go have lunch right after the ceremony.  I am having my Graduation party on June 2nd with my friends and family!! It is going to be fabulousssss. CAN’T WAIT.



  • Annika

    Congratulations Sara! Know how you feel, I also graduated last week and having my graduation party next weekend. Feels great! :) Go get yourself a great career now :) Good luck!

  • Ann

    You and your family are so beautiful!!

  • Lovisa

    You’re so very beautiful sara! Natural beauty.

  • Klara

    Congratulations Sara!

  • Jakob Andersson

    LOVELY photos Sara and once again, congratulation! :) Hope you had a (as I can see in these pictures) WONDERFUL day with friends and family! :) You are so beautiful, just had to tell you. Hugs!

  • Sanna

    Grattis Sara!
    You’re extremely beautiful!

  • Stina

    You’re sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michaela

    You look så hot sara! Congrats!!! =)

  • Jennifer

    Congratulations on graduating!!!! :D I wanted to ask you what you thought about CSU San Marcos? Because I was actually awarded scholarships to several schools and CSU San Marcos was one of them. I am having a super hard time to choose so I would appreciate it if you could write about your experience. TACK SÅ MYCKET!!! :D

  • Solav

    Du är så vacker Sara!! :)
    Och grattis!

  • sara

    Grattis :) I just have one question! how do you do now? With the appartment that you live in with your friends? will you continue living there or what will happen? so everyone is graduating at different time beacuse your reading to become different kind of things? :D

  • U

    first of all, Grattis till din examen!!! I also have to tell you that the pictures are so beutiful, the picture of you and your dad you can really see how much you love him. i don´t have a father but i wish i had one that i always coud count on to be there for me. you are a lucky girl with two loving parents!! U

  • V

    Grattis Sara! Du var så vacker! Stunning!!!!

  • Hanna

    Hello beautiful Sara!

    Oh, what a big fan I am of you and your lovely family! I would love to meet you all someday! Congratulations by the way, I would love to live as you do. Experiencing ”The college life” so to speak, and the ”California life”! I got my inspiration from you, the typical Californian family, I must add! I just wanted to say with this comment that your blog is the best of my knowledge and the same with your mother Maria and sister Hanna’s blog, blogging on girl!

    If you want to get the look on my blog. I wish you all the luck in the future and I hope I run into you at some time in Sweden, bye!

  • Ulrika

    Du kommer bara vara glad ett tag men att fira att man ska ut i arbetslivet är inget att fira för det suger mer än att studera. Ja man har inte sommarlov, jullov, påsklov, sportlov eller nått utan bara ledigt 5 verckor per år och är ttvungen att gå till ett trist skittjobb varje dag till man blir 65 år. Nej skolan är bättre där har man lov och får studiedag mm men du har ju rika föräldrar och behöver kanske öändå intej obba i framtiden ändå

  • Jossan

    Grattis till din graduation!

  • Lovisa


  • Therese

    congratulations!! Wow, your graduations over there seems so big, here in Norway we just get our diploma in the mail when we’re finished with our BA degree… :( But after you take an MA degree I think there’s some sort of celebrations arranged.
    Good luck with starting your career, so exciting!
    And have a great, well deserved summer vacation :D

  • Maria

    Du är så fin! Och grattis!

  • Mia

    Grattis till examen! :)

  • Marie

    Hi Sara! Congratulations! Could you possibly make a hair tutorial of your graduation hair? I’m graduating from high school in two weeks and your hair looks perfect! : )

  • Miriam – En blogg allt möjligt underbart ♥

    Congratulations!!! :’)

  • Kaisa

    Congrats! =D

  • Maria Montazami

    Sorry Sara its me mommy not Hanna :)

  • hannamontazami

    Skriv din kommentar här!

    Sara you are making me cry when I read all the nice things you wrote about our family. We are so proud of you and we love you so much. Huggies :) Mommy

  • Rose-Marie

    Hej Sara!
    Du och din familj är så rara. Har följt din mamma Marias blogg sedan hon började och jag skriver till henne där. Har haft lyckan att få träffa Maria två gånger
    när hon varit i Sverige. Hoppas på att få träffa dig
    och hela din familj någon gång. Skulle vara så roligt.
    Du och din familj lever ett så anorlunda liv mot vad vi gör i Sverige. Ni bor så underbart vackert.
    Jag tittar in på din blogg ibland men är första gången som jag skriver till dig.
    Kram från Rose-Marie.

  • Louise

    CONGRATULATIONS SARA!!!;D…..I wish you the best in life, you´re awesome! So lovely things you said about your family<3 and you are so beautiful at all the pictures:-)….Bearhug!:-)

  • Anna

    Congratulations Sara!!! You look very beautiful at these pictures.
    Awww…you said so nice things about your family. They can be very proud of you.
    You’re awesome!!

  • Therese

    Grattis till din examen Sara!
    You look so much like a younger version of your mother in these pictures! =)

  • Raewyn

    Congratulations!! :D Hope you have a great Graduation party and a fun trip to Bali! :)

  • Emma

    Grattis Sara till examen !! Du och din familj verkar så himla härliga , jag önskar dig all lycka i framtiden ! Du är en stor förebild för mig ! :)

  • Tilda Larsson

    Omg Sara, I actually Started to cry when I saw the pictures and read what you had written about your family, you are such a sweet person! And am also sooooo happy for you CONGRATULATIONS SARA!! When I read blog posts like this I just wanna take the next plain to America and start high school/ collage and live an American life cause it seems so much fun haha! Anyway congrats again and have a fun time at Bali, you deserve it after all these years in school :)
    Hope you understood what I wrote, my English isn’t the best but I’m working on it!
    Much love
    Tilda Larsson

  • Anna


  • Petra

    Grattis :D

  • Louise Oscarsson

    Congratulations!!! You’re awesome! :) Big role-model for me here in sweden:)