Nature at its Finest

juni 7, 2012 4 kommentarer
Min dag

Hey guys! So today I was home in Laguna hanging out with the family.  I first drove home by taking the coast and just had to take a picture of the gorgeous ocean glistening away! It was such a beautiful day.

Oh and guess what I saw?! A fisherman caught this huge leopard shark at a beach that NIles surfs at! SCARYYYY


I was home hanging out with my mom all day.  We layed out reading books and magazines.  I love coming home to fresh flowers.  My mom always makes sure to have flowers blooming all over the house, which is always so nice :)


God nat till er!



  • David Tomicek

    Cool fish! I hope the fisherman returned it to the ocean!

  • Louise

    While you’re watching our earth’s beautiful nature, do you ever think of that it could be gone in just a few decades? Our planet is heating up more quickly for every year and if we let it go on like this the consequences will be devastating. We must all take responsibility for our planet and stand together to stop global warming.
    Sara, I’ve read your blog for a couple of years now, and in my opinion you’re one of the most caring and loving bloggers. You have influence on many people, and I think it could be helpful if you push for the prevention of global warming, maybe by doing a blog post? ;) I know it’s sad thinking about what we’re all doing to our planet, but it is, unfortunately, reality.
    I hope I have made an impact, if not on you, at least on some of your readers.
    Love reading your blog, especially when you show up one of your outfits!

  • Kaisa (Finland)

    Wow those are big waves!
    Can u swim in those??

  • Linda

    Scary with the shark! What are they doing with it after catching it? Do you surf as well?