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juni 14, 2012 4 kommentarer

Thanks for the e-mails! I will send the idol cards over to you guys as soon as I can.

What are my plans now that I graduated? Well as you guys know, I am going to Bali for two weeks with my sister, boyfriend and friends and when I get back it will be time to start job-hunting! I want to work with marketing and events, so right now I am just searching for companies and figuring out what place would suit me.

What do I do when I have a difficult decision to make?  Every situation is different, but you make tough decisions everyday that lead you to the next steps in your life.  My advice would be to make a list of pros and cons, talk to friends and family and see what their opinions are (sometimes they ask you questions that make you think about it differently), and you have to ask yourself if it makes you happy.

Do I live a perfect life?  Definitely not perfect…nothing is! But, I do feel very grateful for the people that surround me.  I am young, healthy, have a great family, amazing girlfriends, and a wonderful boyfriend.

Visiting Laguna? Laguna Niguel is super safe and a beautiful place to visit.  The closest and best shopping would be in Laguna Beach on Forest Drive, Mission Viejo Mall, South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island and Irvine Spectrum.

Summer Styles? I have been doing a little shopping recently and everything I’ve been buying has been bikinis, shorts, light tops and sandals.  The stores I love are Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Zara and Free People.  Neons look great when you get your summer tan.

Make-Up? I wash my face every morning with Philosophy face wash and my Clarisonic, use Guerlain and Nars bronzer, Makeup Store blush, and then wash my face at night with Dermalogica skin cleansing gel.

Break-Up tips? Ugh I hate break-ups! They are so miserable.  I know it is so hard and all you want to do is cry, but this is the time when you go hangout with your family and girl friends and try your hardest not to think about your ex.  Just remember that everything happens for a reason.  I am a strong believer in that.

Dating? I was not allowed to have a boyfriend until college! I am kind of happy my parents had that rule, because in high school I know I was definitely not ready for a relationship.  I just wanted to hangout with my friends.  My family chose to put an end to that rule though and allowed Emma to have a boyfriend.  Times change!

First kiss? I was fourteen and I was a nervous wreck! I started laughing and the boy was super confused.  Awkward haha.

Tattoos?  I don’t have any tattoos.  I think particular tattoos look great on people and if it is meaningful to them then that is all that matters.  I used to want one but kept changing my mind.  If I ever get one, I would have to make sure that I 100% wanted to look at it for the rest of my life haha.

Diet?  No I am terrible at dieting! I just try to eat healthy for the most part.  I eat a lot throughout the day, but everyday is different.  Some days I will eat terrible and feel like crap, while other days I will eat super healthy, get my workout in and feel fab.  Healthy is always the better route to take.

Exercise?  I workout 4-5 times a week and I do Studio Barre, cardio at the gym, use 5pound handweights, beach workouts, and hot yoga.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day! Stay tuned for pics :)



  • Linnea

    kan du prata iranska

  • Anna

    W would like to know how you workout.
    Can you write or show how you do and what you do?
    You have a great figure!

  • hanna

    hej! where is the best shopping in L.A? Please answer:)

  • M

    Hey Sara! I really hope you can answer my question. I’d like to study PR/communication in USA but I wonder for how long those educations are, one year? two years? I’d like to be there not more than 2 years.. I know you studied communication but for how long? And how much does it costs in dollar to get a degree in communication? Hope you get my bad english..