Over knee | Outfit

Skor – LÄNK // Kjol – Gina Tricot // Skinnjacka (fakeskinn) –

Skor – LÄNK // Kjol – Gina Tricot // Skinnjacka (fakeskinn) –This was my outfit on Sunday when I was out in town for a lunch with a friend. I love that the fall is here so I’ve got to pick out my over knees boots again, so nice Only a pity is that I’ve bought them in too big a size so  I have to go and squeeze my toes and I get blisters! But I’m using them anyway, you can not let a pair of such nice boots just stand in the wardrobe. Haha!

I actually ordered one more couple like this but flat. Ihope they come today! Then I can vary with heels and flat depending on what to do and how far Im going to walk etc. 🙂